Sell My Junk Car For Cash

If you have a junk car to sell, you should find a company that buys junk cars for cash at a reasonable price. You can call several firms that buy junk cars, and it is better to take a check or another form of payment where the transaction can be traced to be safe. For that reason, sell my junk car cash will issue you with a pre-printed check when picking up your non-running vehicle. We also stand out from other junk car buyers because we do not haggle the price down.

We offer cash for vehicles close to your area

When car owners have a non-running car, they commonly ask, “who buys cars for cash near me?” Sell my junk car cash is a premier totaled car dealer in the United States and does things differently from other firms in this industry. We are a national firm and can pick up your vehicle from any state in the USA! We offer free junk car removal services that can help you save money. This service makes it convenient for you to sell your vehicle at a fair price. You need to provide us with some details of the car to receive an offer.

We buy junk cars from any location

Sell my car cash appraise and buys vehicles from any place in the United States. We locate the best junkyards and add them to our network throughout the country. To find out if we service your Zip Code, you can visit the page that lists the areas we serve by clicking here.

How to know how much your car is worth

We consider several factors to determine how much your vehicle is worth. They include its location, its wholesale value pre-accident, the severity of the damage, electrical or mechanical issues, and the demand for such a vehicle and who is willing to pay for it. We also consider the make and model, parts, age, and mileage of a car when making an offer. For instance, if you have an old vehicle such as a non-operational twenty-two-year-old sedan, the offer will be different from that of a three-year-old accident-damaged sports car with low mileage. The prices of some vehicles are mid-range, and an example is a ten-year-old sport utility vehicle with high mileage and electrical issues. Book values for salvaged or damaged cars are nonexistent, but at sell my junk car cash, we have decades of experience in purchasing non-functional vehicles. We try our best to offer the fairest market value to car owners.

Sell my junk car cash offers free removal of junk cars and cash on the spot

Sell my junk car cash offers free junk car pickup services. We will not charge you for evaluating your car and providing a quote. We do not have any hidden fees. If you contact us to sell your vehicle, we cover all the expenses for picking it up and towing it. We pay you. You do not pay us anything. However, you will pay for any repair expenses or storage fees you incur before you sell your car to sell my junk car cash.

Sell your car now and get paid within 48 hours.

We can arrive at your property to pick up your junk car within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your call. Therefore, you do not have to wait to receive payment. Furthermore, with our instant online offers, you do not need to spend much time waiting to sell your vehicle. Whether your car is non-functional or has collision damage, we can make an offer immediately. Get a quote on how much money your vehicle can fetch before you scrap it. If you have any more questions, please go through our FAQs below.

Junk your vehicle with and receive an instant quote

In the times we are living, most things are instant. We enjoy high internet speed, instant photos, and instant noodles. There is no reason why your quote should not be instant. When you fill out our form online and hit the submit button, you can get an instant quote for your junk vehicle. If you agree to our offer, we can make arrangements to pick it up.

We offer free removal for junk cars in your area

You do not have to pay anything to sell your junk car. Our service does not have hidden charges or delayed expenses. Once we remove your vehicle for free and you get your payment, the transaction is over.


Can my junk car sell for $500?

It is not uncommon to receive $500 for a junk car. However, the value of a junk vehicle depends on the make, model, year, location, trim, and damage to the body or engine. Our junk vehicle value calculator can provide you with a precise quote for your non-functional car. Some people complain about trying to sell my junk car for cash near more for $500 only for the price to get haggled down to $300. We offer guaranteed pricing, meaning that you receive the amount we gave you as the quote for your junk car.

How can I get 500 cash for my car and have it picked on the same day?

Sell my junk car cash offers cash for junk cars and picks them up on the same day. We usually pick up junk vehicles within 24 to 48 hours, and this could be on the same day based on where you live. When you sell junk car parts for money, you cannot be sure when they will be picked up. With our expertise in appraising, purchasing, and picking up of junk vehicles, we guarantee to pick up your car quickly. We are also a leading buyer of vehicles with blown up engines for the best price with high-quality customer service! Although prices for junk cars may be on the lower side, we do our best to offer the best prices for junk vehicles. You do not have to look around for the firm that buys junk cars at great prices anymore.

How do I junk my car with auto recyclers in my area?

If you prefer to recycle your vehicle and be confident that the car is going to a reputable company, then we are the right company to call. We work with scrap and junk car dealers who are conscious about the environment to determine who pays reasonable prices for junk vehicles or vehicles with issues but can reuse or recycle cars. Recycling junk vehicles is vital because junk cars often have useful scrap metal and parts in them. Experienced junk car buyers are passionate about cars and try to get the most out of every piece. They also have expertise in evaluating salvage vehicles and offering a fair price for them.

Where can I sell my junk car for cash near me?

You can sell your blown engine or totaled car in various ways. One of them is finding a private buyer who needs a vehicle for spare parts or restores cars as a hobby.  The other alternative is selling it to junkyards that may pay you based on the metal or parts they need instead of the entire value of the car. You may also select an online junk car buyer service like sell my junk car cash to assist you with getting rid of your junk car.

How much can I receive after junking my car with

The exact amount of money a car can fetch varies.  To get the most accurate quote for your junk car, make sure you provide us with many details. Typically, the initial quote increases once we get more information from the car owner. This includes details like which parts of your car are damaged. The more information you provide, the better.

How do I get a quote instantly when selling a vehicle to

To get an instant quote for your car, locate the button that says “Get An Offer” on any page on our website. Click on the button and wait as you are redirected to an online form. Fill the form with necessary details about your vehicle, and you will get an instant quote for it. Since this is the first offer, there’s nothing to worry out. We can discuss more about the offer and other details about your car over the phone.

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Sell My Junk Car Cash

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